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Came a Harper ~ Page 40 (NSFW)

8 Comments on Came a Harper ~ Page 40 (NSFW)

Well, they’re having fun, anyway. 😉

Came a Harper, indeed. *ducks*

Just a quick author/artist note: While we realize this isn’t an overly explicit scene, we still wanted to give readers the courtesy of NOT opening up a picture like this in the work environment, hence the warning. As we’ve stated before, fairy tales are often full of sex and violence. We won’t be shying away from it, but we’ll keep it as tasteful as we can. 😉


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We’re starting to get requests for banners for link exchanges, so we’re making some up – you’ll be able to find whatever we’ve got under the Extras page. We’d been holding back on doing any real advertising or exchanges until we had some actual content, but I think we’re hitting that point, so we’ll be setting up a Link page soon.

If you don’t see a size you like/need, please let us know and we’ll make one.