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The Better To See You With ~ Cover

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So, uh – happy new year!

Sorry for the long radio silence – things got hectic and life got in the way, but we’re back to present you with another chapter of Fox & Willow.

Lots of questions answered in this one, so we hope you all enjoy it.

Impatient for pages? Supporters of our Patreon get updates early (only $1 a month, yo) so if you’d like to get your read on and help support us at the same time, head on over.)  Also, this cover page is now available as a print on our Society 6 page, along with some other pieces of artwork, so please check that out too.

Thank you!

~~ Allison & Aimo

Sad Sausage Dog Patreon Updates

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Just a quick post to mention our Patreon tiers have been officially updated! In an effort to streamline the process we now have three tiers – bronze, silver and gold (or $1, $5 and $10 for simplicity).

What do you get?

$1 – gets you access to F&W page process videos, early pages (yes, we’re still doing 2 x a week, but patrons are gonna get pages as we finish them, so more story, faster!).

$5 – all the $1 stuff, plus wallpapers, doodles 2x a week and process vids of those doodles. (And you can make requests for those doodles and wallpapers – any fandom is open and available.)

$10 – all the other goodies, plus once a week FANCY full color doodles, process vids of those doodles, Fox & Willow extras like sketches and inked pages. You can also make requests for all doodle and wallpaper types.

Also, since we’re off for a few weeks as we prep the next chapter, we will be posting some design sketches, etc of the new characters at the $1 tier level, so if you’re interested in things like that, come join us!

Future plans? (Timeframe TBD)

Of course! We have a new webcomic coming (one that is much shorter than F&W and will hopefully be completed before we post it all, just partially in the works at the moment) – but we would like to post snippets and pages of that on Patreon as well.

AND – Aimo will be presening her OWN comics – her characters, her story. Though some of the roughs will end up on her social media accounts, finished pages will ONLY be available through the Patreon.

We haven’t determined exactly how we’re going to present those, but they are in the works and we look forward to sharing them with you!

Thanks for all your continued support!

Blinded By the Light ~ Epilogue Page 8

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…awww. And there we go.  Mystery earrings solved, with a side order of tears!


So that wraps up our Blinded By the Light storyline, but have no fear, we are coming back in a few weeks (mid-late October) with an all new chapter, entitled The Better to See You With! And this is the chapter you have all been waiting for, I’m sure. The secrets are all coming out on this one – and we’ll have to see if our favorite girl and fox can manage to survive it all.

(To be frank, it was a very difficult chapter draft to write up – for a number of reasons. If you all thought BBtL had feels? Oh, my friends, no. No. I was bawling by the end of it.)

That being said, we are going to be dropping some teasers and what not on our Patreon in the meantime – a sort of invite into our process. So we’ll have some character sketches and design elements if you’re interested in taking a look at that. (It will be available for all our $1 patrons and up.) Also, we will still be continuing to post two pages a week here, but patrons will be getting those pages a little earlier (as we do them, as opposed to the schedule).

Thanks for all your support the last few years and we hope you continue reading!