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Blinded By the Light Epilogue ~ Page 1

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Thank you all so much for your patience and allowing Aimo to heal up properly. We look forward to providing you with more story!

(And as a special bonus over on Patreon, we’ll be uploading these pages a little faster there than we do here as additional thanks!)

This particular short is about Gideon in his younger days…

Brief Hiatus

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Hey guys,

Just a quick FYI to let you know we are on a brief hiatus for a couple of weeks – Aimo has a pretty severe case of tendonitis in her drawing hand and we decided it would be best to let her rest it up and heal properly before digging into the epilogue/next chapter.

Thanks for understanding – we will be back soon!


~~ Allison & Aimo

Support Changes

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Hey guys – just a quick note that we have changed up our Patreon tiers. In order to streamline the process we’ve reduced the tiers to three – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Basically we’re playing around with a number of formats – including the possibility of moving to a pay-for-page option. We haven’t come to a decision on that yet – but between Tapastic’s recent shenanigans involving possible IP grabs (said clause has been removed from the TOS but it still makes us uneasy) and the fact that we *really* want to make more comics, the only way we can justify that is if our income increases. We’re still looking at print copies, but that involves a *lot* of extra time as we need to rescan/redraw a number of the pages so it’s slow going, especially as we are continuing to create new content at the same time.

That being said the new Patreon tiers are as follows:

Bronze: $1/month – gets you access to page process videos and our everlasting thanks. (And if we go to a pay for page, this will keep you covered – you’d get the pages on time on Patreon instead of having to wait until we posted them here at whatever time frame we decide…)

Silver: $5/month – access to the page process videos, wallpapers, simple B&W doodles 2x a week like the one of Gideon in this post – Aimo will be opening the doodles to include any character from any fandom.

Gold: $10/month – everything in the silver/bronze tiers, plus access to raw page sketches and inks, the ability to make character requests for the doodles, process videos of the doodles and a (hopefully) weekly color picture.

Basically, we really want to continue making this comic, but after 5 years and 500 pages we need some additional support. So, we’re simply asking for a little help – if you enjoy this comic and you’d like to see it continue, please consider heading over to Patreon and signing up.

Thank you

~~ Allison and Aimo

Blinded By the Light ~ Page 190

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The End.

Yeah, no foreshadowing here at all. Nope.


Thanks so much for sticking with us through all 190 pages of Blinded By the Light! We hope you enjoyed it. There will be a bit of a break before the start of the next chapter, though there should be a short 1 page a week extra story like we’ve done in the past.

Be on the lookout for an additional post soon on our updated Patreon tiers as well – long/short of it is we need more support to keep bringing you all this lovely comic and we need to figure out a way to make it more viable and all that fun stuff.

Next chapter will be titled The Better to See You With  – so I’m sure you can all figure out what that’s from… 😉