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Redbubble Store

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redbubbleHey guys – so based on a number of comments we received about the last few pages (publicly and privately) we’ve gone ahead and opened a Redbubble store where you can buy some of those pages as prints and other goodies, along with additional Fox & Willow artwork.

Please check it out and let us know what you think and don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s something else you’d like to see!


~~ Aimo & Allison

Fox & Willow on Tapastic

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f&b-buttonIn an effort to give our readers additional options, we’re happy to announce that we are now making page updates on Tapastic.

Now – we’re in the process of catching up to where we are on the website, but once we’ve got all the pages uploaded, we will be updating the Tapastic site with two pages a week  every Friday.

The beauty of Tapastic is that there is an app – both for iDevices and Android – it formats the pages pretty nicely and if you create a Tapastic account and subscribe, you’ll be notified when the comic is updated.

Yay convenience! 🙂

RSS Feed Update

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rssA little site update here about our RSS feeds and email subscriptions.

I’m sure many of you are aware that Google will be discontinuing its Feed Reader as of July 1. This is a major bummer for a number of reasons, but particularly for readers of web comics who might not have time to go to all their favorites every day.  So, for those of you who use a feed reader, you might want to look at an alternate like Feedly.

For a web-comic specific reader, I’ve heard Comic Rocket is pretty good – Fox & Willow does feed into it, so that might be a good alternative.

This brings me to the second part of this post, which is that I’ve changed our RSS feeds from Feedburner to Feedblitz.

So bear with me if you are a subscriber and you get duplicates for a day or so – hopefully not. >_<

I’m giving a mega shout-out to Phil over at Feedblitz for 1) having perfect directions set up and 2) helping me to troubleshoot when I had some issues. I think this is going to be a great product and I’m very appreciative at having such great response time.

Anyway, I’ve got some redirections in place, but should you wish to move over on your own power, this is the new RSS feed URL:

Mail subscribers should have been moved over to the new list already, but if not, here’s where you need to go:

Eventually I will be turning the Feedburner feeds off, so please update your feed readers accordingly.



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We’re starting to get requests for banners for link exchanges, so we’re making some up – you’ll be able to find whatever we’ve got under the Extras page. We’d been holding back on doing any real advertising or exchanges until we had some actual content, but I think we’re hitting that point, so we’ll be setting up a Link page soon.

If you don’t see a size you like/need, please let us know and we’ll make one.


ComicBooked.Com Review!

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Fox & Willow had a nice little write up over at!

The comic has elements of magic in it, a slightly anime feel in the gorgeous artwork mingling with a slightly Disney feel in the fact that a princess is out in the woods with her talking animal companion, and the over-all feel that something wonderful and magical is about to happen in this—along with excitement and shocking revelations that must come in every great adventure.

Just as a quick side-note, however – although yes, F&W seems more on the family friendly side at the moment – it won’t always be that way. Many fairy tales have fairly brutal natures, and we won’t be glossing over them.  Sex and violence are very much a part of many of these stories, and the same is true for Fox & Willow, so just keep that in mind. We’ll probably post a warning or two if things start to edge over the line.