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ComicBooked.Com Review!

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Fox & Willow had a nice little write up over at!

The comic has elements of magic in it, a slightly anime feel in the gorgeous artwork mingling with a slightly Disney feel in the fact that a princess is out in the woods with her talking animal companion, and the over-all feel that something wonderful and magical is about to happen in this—along with excitement and shocking revelations that must come in every great adventure.

Just as a quick side-note, however – although yes, F&W seems more on the family friendly side at the moment – it won’t always be that way. Many fairy tales have fairly brutal natures, and we won’t be glossing over them.  Sex and violence are very much a part of many of these stories, and the same is true for Fox & Willow, so just keep that in mind. We’ll probably post a warning or two if things start to edge over the line.