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Upcoming LiveStream!

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We recently reached a Patreon goal, and the upcoming livestream is your reward!

Be thinking of what you’d like to see Aimo draw (preferably Fox & Willow specific) – we are open to suggestions!

Please note, this livestream is only available to our patrons – additional information regarding time and location will be posted on our Patreon page at a later date.

(Go here if you’re interested in contributing – access to the livestream only costs $1!)

Thanks again for your support.

~ Aimo & Allison

Happy Lunar New Year!

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Hey everyone!

First things first – Happy Lunar New Year – here’s hoping for some good fortune for all in the Year of the Monkey!

Now, there isn’t going to be a page update today – Aimo is on travel for the holidays, but we did want to offer all of our readers and supporters a link to our Patreon where you can download free wallpapers of various sizes based on the lovely image above.  Yes, I suppose it is possible to outmonkey a fox. Gideon seems rather intrigued, anyway.  I love this image – it feels like a tarot card, doesn’t it? Seven of Monkeys?

At any rate, just a quick thanks again to everyone for reading our story over the last few years – we really appreciate it, and thanks for continuing to support us in any way you can – word of mouth, social media shout-outs, donations on Patreon, clicking on ads over at Tapastic – all are great ways to help us out – we couldn’t do it without you!

~~ Allison & Aimo


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patreonHey guys! Just a heads up to let you all know that Sad Sausage Dogs now has a Patreon account!

What does that mean?

Well, it means you have the power to help support this comic!


The long and short of it is that creating traditional comics can be pretty expensive – we’ve been doing this for nearly 2 years without any sort of monetary recompense or ads on the site. Unfortunately, our operating costs are getting a little high, and so we’re looking to our fans and readers for some help.

By becoming a patron, you will help us continue to tell this story the way we need to tell it. Simply choose a reward tier and commit to paying that monthly amount for however long  you wish.

(And we’re looking for reward suggestions too! If there’s something you’d like to see, please drop us a line and let us know.)

Thanks for your support. 🙂